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Giving Back with a Masters Degree in School Counseling

School counseling is a unique career choice in that it lets you create a great financial source of income for your family and lets you help the youth of our future at the same time. By earning the necessary degree to work in this field, you almost guarantee that your personal job satisfaction is going to be much higher than other career fields, but you will also create tangible results for the people you work with. Of course, the first step in this process is to actually attend school and get the certification that starts the journey.

Some students may first want to check out the availability of online classes, since this path gives them more freedom to hold down a job and perhaps take care of close family members. The prices vary for these classes and you need to verify the licensure of the school to ensure that your time is well spent. If the school already has a class path built up for this career field, they can help you go through and see which classes you’ve already taken, versus those you still need to complete.

Another important question to ask is how many hours of observation will be required before you can graduate from this program.These might have to be supervised and signed off on by a licensed professional before you can receive credit for them. This gives you an excellent chance to see the various techniques in action as the professional interacts with their clients and helps you learn what to expect.

Once you finish this process, you’ll have the ability to work in schools, universities, and anywhere volunteer counselors are needed, even traveling to help deal with the aftermath of certain school-based disasters. You’ll have the tools to help them work through their emotions and have a kind of understanding about what happened around them. This kind of impression leaves a lasting change on the person who you helped and they often to and help someone else with what they learned.

Counselors have such a special place of influence, considering what they do for a living, versus the rest of the world who really doesn’t have a chance to stop and just have a helpful conversation that makes a difference in the other party’s life, or helps them see an event more clearly. When you make the decision to invest in this type of career, you’re not only investing in the future mental health of your clients, but also yourself and giving yourself a rewarding space to work hard, create change and leave your mark on the world around you.

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